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Theoretical back ground & Special features

Face Lifting with Uni-L+Combi+Multi Combination Method is more upgraded method than contour thread lift that was introduced in American congress of plastic surgery.

It is improved face lifting method especially for Asian facial contour.

▪Intensity and durability of EP Line is very powerful due to fixation point is widely distributed.

▪No incision, No tie / Back to the life rapidly.

▪Only 30 minutes of local anesthesia is needed.

▪No edema, No bruise.

Effectiveness of Surgery/Treatment

▪Semi-permanent effect

▪No Scar & Quick return

▪Contouring of mandiblar angle

▪Improvement of facial wrinkles

▪Tones up the color / Resides the skin

▪Restrains the skin and facial wrinkles from aging process

Introduction of EP Line Products

EP Line are made of Polydioxanone which is a sort of suture widely used for surgical operations. This material has been admitted to Korea through many clinical trials,

and it does not cause allergy or side effect since it is absorbed in human body after a certain period of time

EP thread

EP product